Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 1 - Windsor, ON

Well, we're off! We are heading back to Alberta for the summer. Daniel will work in Olds and we will spend time visiting family and friends. We'll spend about 6 days driving through the States.

We headed out of Toronto this morning on our way to Windsor to stay overnight with an "old" friend of mine from high school. I haven't seen Svetlana for 15 years but is wonderful to catch up and reminisce.  Svetlana and her husband have a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 5 which matches our children almost perfectly! Tomorrow is some more visiting, then to church and after onwards to Chicago.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nathan's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Nathan's birthday twice this in March - once with Grandma and Grandpa Jefferies on his real birthday and once with friends a week later. Here's some pics from the first party:

Don't look at the number of candles on the cake too closely! Daniel figured out after Nathan had blown them out that their were 9 not 8 candles on the iceceam pizza! Good thing our digital picture files are all dated or it could make it difficult to remember which year this picture is from!  Icecream pizza as a second birthday cake is a bit of a tradition. I drizzled it with caramel sauce and chocolate sauce and then topped it with strawberries and skittles. I realized that the quality of icecream is important if you don't want it to be too soft and starting melting immediately!

Then for Nathan's friend party he had a LEGO theme. Our three kids have been on a major LEGO kick lately - even Jeremy is having a great time building! I made a LEGO cake and LEGO pizza.The cake was angel food cake (Nathan's choice) and coloured whipped cream (I added stabilizer to the whipped cream). I used large marshmallows cut in half for the nubs on top and scammed the kids LEGO bases for the cake base (taped to a cutting board for stability) and some LEGO people to hold the candles! The angel food cake was a little hard to cut into rectangles and squares since I wasn't sure how it would bake in loaf pans so I used a tube pan and then carved it up.

I also planned some Lego games for the children (4 friends plus Noelle, Jeremy and a friend of Noelle's) - a Lego spoon race, Lego building contest (give everyone 3 minutes to build the tallest tower they can. Measure and award stickers, then 5 minutes to build a bridge (stickers awarded for longest sturdiest prettiest etc.), 10 minutes to build a home (similar prizes)). The kids had fun building although some had trouble sticking to the category! Everyone got stickers though :) We then had a LEGO scavenger hunt followed by building a race car and racing each other down a ramp we set up in the basement.
We had presents, pizza and cake, a bit of free time and then it was basically time for the kids to go. That was my goal - keep them busy so that there wasn't much time for roughhousing! Here is what I set up for the scavenger hunt. I got the scavenger hunt idea from Our Golden Apples blog and the rest of the ideas were a mix of other ideas I found on the Internet! We had three teams and I just changed up the order that they found their items.

LEGO Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger TEAM RED
Mission #1
You’ll find a lego HAT under the computer desk. Collect this hat in the box with your next mission. HURRY!
Scavenger TEAM RED
Mission #2
You’ll find a lego HEAD where the washing machine is located. Collect this head and attach it to your hat from Mission #1. Then tackle your next mission. TIME IS TICKING!
Scavenger TEAM RED
Mission #3
You’ll find a lego CHEST in the mailbox on the front of the house. Collect this chest and attach it to your head with a hat from Mission #2. WHAT ARE STANDING HERE FOR?!
Scavenger TEAM RED
Mission #4
Well done TEAM RED! You are doing fantastic. You’ll find lego LEGS under Jeremy’s pillow. Add your legs to your body. TWO more missions left! SCOOT!!!
Scavenger TEAM RED
Mission #5
You found it! BRAVO! Now your lego man needs tools. You should obtain TOOL #1 in the dress-up box. Add the tool to one hand of your lego man. NOW GET GOING!
Scavenger TEAM RED
Mission #6
WOW! You guys are super fast. Your last mission is to retrieve TOOL #2 from Nathan’s room behind his bed. Add the second tool to the other lego man’s hand. Your mission is complete TEAM RED! Take your lego man and ring the doorbell to announce you have FINISHED!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scrapbook layout - Jeremy's 1st birthday!

I made this layout using the Mayberry Workshop on the Go with Animal Cookies paper (now retired). It's fun to remember how cute Jeremy was when he was one year old and good times we had as a family!

Scrapbook layouts - Wings Workshop

I didn't know what I would use my Wings paper for but when I looked at these photos from my niece's baptism they fit perfectly! I don't often scrapbook with black but I think I should more! I used the Wings Workshop on the Go for this layout, just changing some of the paper choices and rotating the right page, so it came together quite quickly! Let me know what you think!