Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Settling In

We’ve now been in Olds, AB a week and have our trailer unloaded and boxes moved into the house or our seacan container for storage. The kids have also been settling into life on the farm. Here are some snapshots of their time so far:

These battery powered vehicles get a lot use around the farm!

Ewes and their lambs in the pasture

Nathan and Noelle at work - removing eyes from eating last years potato crop

Jeremy checking on for eggs in the chicken house

Fishing on Father's Day at the trout stocked pond

Drover - the sheep dog

Daniel supervising the cousins on the playset last May

What a blessing it is for us to be able to live here for the near future - and for the kids to have so many opportunities for play and work!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tunnels, icecream and home

Our last day of sightseeing came on Sunday, June 2 in Moose Jaw, SK – a city that we really enjoy visiting. After listening to the second of Tim Challies sermons on Jonah while we drove and eating our lunch at our new “favourite” picnic spot – our van - we arrived in Moose Jaw. We went back to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, this time on the Passages of Fortune tour. It is about early Chinese immigration in Canada and the difficult time that they had. It was a sobering tour but very well done and reminds us again to be thankful for the freedoms we have and to make sure that others in our country experience the same freedoms we have.

We followed it with Gelato icecream at the Chocolate Fudge Factory  - yum! They have delicious and interesting flavours and yummy fudge too!

We arrived home (well to one of our homes anywaysJ) in Vauxhall with my Mom Monday afternoon and have unpacked a little and settled in for the week. I hope to continue to blog through the summer and next year  - hopefully more scrapbooking posts as well as our adventures in life!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Kalahari!

We arrived at the Kalahari Waterpark Resort within minutes of the Nickerson family for our rendezvous with them! They had driven west to Alberta, dropped our trailer off at the farm and then continued on their holiday to the mountains and down through the States to meet up with us.

We have loved our last two visits at the Kalahari and it is even more enjoyable when we could share it with good friends! We started with the waterslides, wave pool, and lazy river Thursday afternoon and then in the evening the older kids and Dads went to the Indoor Amusement Park and had a blast with the go-carts, laser tag, ropes course, mini-golf and a climbing wall! Friday morning saw most of us back at the waterpark  - including the outdoor part (it was a little cool but we enjoyed the sun when it shone). Another go-cart and laser tag run Thursday afternoon ended our time together as we said good-bye.

The Nickerson’s headed east on their way to Toronto and we headed west to Alberta stopping in St. Cloud, MN for the night (a four hour drive). A seven hour drive on Saturday to Minot, ND and we are now in a different landscape -  from the east coast of densely wooded land to wooded rolling hills and farmland to the flat prairies! Two more days and we’ll be in Alberta!

 Everyone loaded up and ready to go!

The four girls and their Maplelea dolls!

Nathan learning to surf on the "Flowrider"

Daniel got to his knees on his second attempt!

Daniel and Jeremy at the end of their race against Nathan and some of the Nickerson clan

If you have been wondering where we've been travelling since the last map, here is our route! (If you click on the "-" sign on the map it will zoom out and you will see New York to Minot, ND)

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