Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jurassic Forest

We had the opportunity to visit Jurassic Forest, just north of Edmonton, with our friend Luella on Tuesday! Jurassic Forest opened last summer: "Gigantic, life-sized and startlingly realistic dinosaurs live and breathe in Jurassic Forest, and they're waiting for you."

 All the dinosaurs move ("come to life") as you walk along the two trails. I liked how they kept so much of the forest so that it seemed like the dinosaurs were supposed to be there.
 There was a big sand pit for the kids to dig in and they had fun uncovering a claw fossil with the paintbrushes. Nathan couldn't wait to see what dinosaur was around the next corner, Jeremy was mostly just awed and Noelle liked digging for fossils.

The assumption of Jurassic Park is evolution but the kids and I talked about how dinosaur fossils would have been formed during the worldwide flood of Genesis 7 and how the dinosaurs that lived through the flood on the ark would have either been killed by people or natural disasters. If you are interested in more details about dinosaurs and the flood or dinosaurs and people, check out and type "dinosaurs" in the search box. has a ton of articles sharing evidence of a biblical creation.

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