Saturday, January 21, 2012

Picture Memory Game

Here are pictures of the memory game I made for my niece Kaytrianna for Christmas. (I also made two more boxes for nieces and nephews on Daniel's side of the family). Kaytrianna is only two but I've been told she loves to play the game and say our names as she matches up our pictures! I thought it would be a great way for the little members of our families to remember what we looked like while we live in Toronto!

I used CTMH's Memory Game which comes with 24 - 3x3 chipboard cards in a sturdy box with a magnetic closure. I inked the edges, used Mod Podge to glue on the paper, stamped titles and a cut-out heart! I ordered the pictures already pre-sized from* which was a great time-saver and let me zoom in and print only what I wanted.

*Unfortunately, I just found out that has gone out of business as of January 3! They said that due to a struggling economy and tight competition they can't continue. For anyone that has ordered through them before, it is a big disappointment. I don't know of another company that offers the many different size options, the high quality and the customer service that they offered. I will really, really miss their business.


  1. It turned out great!

    I saw that they had closed down :(

  2. I would love to make one of these sets for Jibs....he would absolutely love it!

  3. Thanks Christina! Jess - if you want I can order a box for you and help you make one. It would be great for Jibs!