Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar

It doesn't look a lot like Christmas outside but the calendar says it is December and time once again to celebrate Christmas festivities. In our family, December 1 means starting to prepare our minds and hearts to celebrate Jesus' birth with a daily Advent calendar and Bible reading. Our Advent calendar has little pockets with felt ornaments in them and this year I also put little notes in each one with the name of a Christmas book or puzzle or colouring book! When we opened our Christmas decoration boxes a couple of weeks ago I squirreled away most of the Christmas story books, puzzles etc collected over the years and didn't let my kids see them. Now we can take one out a day and enjoy them together. I would love to hear about any things you do with your family to make Advent special - please post a comment and share!


  1. I picked up the paint 24 ornaments for Christmas. So everyday they get a new ornament to paint. I wrapped them in little boxes made out of scrap paper. So the surprise everyday is what ornament will it be. They've had fun with it.

  2. What a great idea Alanna! It sounds like a lot of fun. Noelle especially would love something like this. I have never seen these ornaments before, I'll have to keep my eyes open next year!