Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jeremy's (and my Mom's) Birthday!

Jeremy had been asking for a "hockey stick" for weeks and threw a little tantrum when he saw one in a store and I wouldn't buy it. He didn't know that Nathan and Noelle had already bought one for him for his birthday! He was super excited!

We celebrated Jeremy's and my Mom's birthday a week early when they were still here at the end of October. I made a farm cake for Jeremy - it was a lot of fun! I baked the chocolate cake in two loaf pans and then assembled it all on a tin foil covered cookie sheet. I just spread white icing on the tray and covered it with yellow and green tinted coconut. The barn and silo weren't too much harder (thanks Dad for helping assemble it!) and Mom made butterscotch haystack cookies for the haystacks! The barn animals and tractors came from Jeremy's existing farm tub. Jeremy had a great time "playing farm" and didn't really want to eat it!

I have to admit that Mom did get the raw end of the deal for her cake - I used some left over pieces but didn't have enough icing left so I couldn't ice the whole thing. It was pretty special to have them here though and be able to celebrate with them!


  1. So cute! The barn looks amazing and what a good idea about the cookies!

  2. Thanks! I looked on the Internet and combined a few different ideas because because I didn't leave a lot of time to make it so it had to be fast to make and put together :)