Thursday, October 20, 2011

School Folio Scrapbooked!

A few years ago I created a School Folio for Nathan using Jeanette Lynton's idea and then taught some classes on it. Well, now that Noelle is in school I let her pick what paper she liked (CTMH's Sophia paper pack) and created an album for her!
 Title page

I use True Fit Folios as the base pages so at the end of each year she can sort through her papers, artwork and awards for the year and keep the best of them in the folder.

Here are a sample of some of the other pages in the album. The great thing is that I make up the entire album now and all we need to do is add pictures, fill out the information and fill the file folder every year!


  1. Thanks Christina! I loved Jeanette's idea when I saw it and created the workshop from there.