Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Medieval Times

We surprised the kids with tickets to Medieval Times here in Toronto for Christmas! We've been studying the Middle Ages in school so it was a perfect tie in. We were able to go with another couple which made it even more fun.

I don't think the kids really understood what it would be like but it definitely surpassed their expectations. Noelle's highlight was when I caught a flower thrown by our Yellow Knight and gave it to her. Nathan's highpoint was when our Yellow Knight actually WON the tournament and defeated the traitorous Green Knight. Jeremy was awed by it all.

Nathan and Noelle posing with the King at the end of the evening.

Jeremy and Daniel with their crowns on.

OUR Yellow Knight

Noelle with her token

Noelle wearing her headpiece I sewed a few days after we got home with instructions from a website. There were many souvenirs for sale at the castle and Noelle especially loved the headpieces so the compromise was to see if I could make one! It still needs some tulle and ribbon on it but maybe Grandma Schulz can help with that!

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