Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 1 Billings, MT

Our last drive east began today - Vauxhall to Billings - past fields of grain and miles of prairie. It has been probably the best first day of driving with the kids. They were excited to receive their Day 1 bags (daily bags that I stock with "new" books (from a library sale this time), small candies and activities - these bags spread out the excitement and give the kids something to look forward to each day. It also helped that Jeremy had an afternoon nap! It ended up being a nine hour trip with four stops before supper and a swim in an outside pool. Now though, I am sitting on the floor of the bathroom with the doors closed so the kids can fall asleep in the dark. Sigh. The joys of all of us in one room.

Next week Daniel begins his last year of seminary at Toronto Baptist Seminary and the kids and I will get to experience a one room school for 4 days before continuing homeschooling. Life will be full when we get back to Toronto so we'll enjoy our slower life (no laundry or dishes or papers to write) while we drive.

Outside the Great Falls Visitor Center

Overlooking Billings, Montana

Swimming in the outdoor pool in the courtyard

Time for bed!

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  1. You know we'll be praying for you as you travel and as you get settled again. I can't believe September is coming up so quickly. Hope you have a good day today! I'll be watching the map to see where you go next.