Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 2 – Rapid City, SD

After attending an early service at 9 am at First Baptist Church in Billings, we started our drive to Rapid City, SD. We had thought we might try and stop at Devils Tower (a unique volcanic formation ) in Wyoming but on our way we saw a sign for Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument and ended up stopping there instead. Two and a half hours later we had listened to a park ranger tell the story of “Custer's Last Stand”, watched a video explaining the battle and looked around the gift shop. We didn't pull into Rapid City until after 7 pm but it was worth it to learn about a piece of US history in a very real way. We also have a few new books to read on the way too!

Teepees at Custer's Last Stand Trading Store

Jeremy rolling down the hill when he got bored of listening to the park ranger talk

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