Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who takes the sink plugs???

The second day we were at our house I went to wash dishes - no drain plugs! Who takes the drain plugs with them when they move??? The next night I went to give the kids a bath and guess what, yep, no bath tub plug! Check the bathroom sink - no sink plug either! I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else but I have always left the plugs behind when I move. Anyways, we went to Rona and checked out the sink plug section - you wouldn't believe the options that are available! We guessed right on the bathroom sink and the bathtub plugs but it took two tries to get drain plugs for the kitchen. Which meant I washed dishes for 2 weeks without a plug! Not impossible but definitely more challenging. And how did I give the kids a bath? Thanks to Daniel's suggestion, I stuffed a washcloth into the drain and as the water slowly leaked out I just kept adding a little bit more water. :)

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  1. To funny! I've never heard of anyone moving in with no sink plugs. Glad to hear from you again. When you get a chance and are all settled, send a video or pictures of how you have the house set up. Miss you and love you