Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toronto and driving!

Well, our Internet and phone was finally hooked up on Monday and I have subscribed to Freecycle and Kijiji looking for some furniture so keeping on top of emails is a full time job :) We found a few possibilities on desks through Kijiji and then they fell through. Then Daniel found a store called "Source Liquidation" that has used furniture from hotels at good prices. We headed there today and have bought two desks and a bookshelf! Getting there was interesting though without our GPS (forgot at home) and the address (forgot at home but thought we could find it!) After stopping twice for directions and help we finally found it 40 minutes later! Thankfully we didn't have to go on the 400, 401 or 402. If you don't know Toronto those are the freeways. The 12 lane BUSY freeways! The rest of Toronto often feels like Edmonton to us (maybe just more cars on the road) but we've never experienced highways like this before. Daniel has done a great job and the GPS is (usually) a huge help. Occasionally, the GPS has taken us the long way around! Anyways, once Daniel starts school next week I will get to start practicing my driving again. I'll let you know how it goes!

I have sent out an email with our new contact information including email. If I somehow missed you, let me know and I'll forward it on to you!

Thanks for all the comments! It is great to hear from you and feel connected. One of the desks we bought today is for my scrapbook space so hopefully I'll be able to start to getting my fingers dirty with inks, glue and paper soon!


  1. It sounds like you guys are settling in! I have been thinking about you lots and feel like you are all on an adventure. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Lots of love, Lisa and Trav

  2. Patiently waiting for more posts... ;)