Thursday, September 23, 2010

Subway and TBS

My sister Lisa and her husband Travis were here on the weekend (God has blessed us with lots of company from Alberta which helps make our move easier!) and we went to the Toronto Islands on Saturday and the CN Tower on Sunday (I'll post some pictures from that another time!). After church, on our way to the CN Tower we took the subway downtown so that the kids had the opportunity to experience Daddy's commute and it gave me the confidence to take it by myself with the kids. Daniel has a 75 minute to a 90 minute commute Monday to Friday (he has one class everyday) and Jeremy was particularly intrigued by the "train" that Daddy rode to school. Daniel takes a bus down to the subway station and then transfers onto two different subway lines to get to school. We just drove to the station and started from there! The subway is definitely one way to see how multi-cultural Toronto is - we met a family on the way back that had just moved three weeks ago to Toronto from Dubai and three years before that from India! It reminds me that moving from Alberta to Toronto is really a small move in a lot of ways.
The "train" is a-coming!

After two subway trips and a jump onto a streetcar for two blocks we arrived at Toronto Baptist Seminary and gave Lisa, Travis and the kids a tour around. TBS is unique because it was started by Jarvis Street Baptist Church over 100 years ago and continues to have very close ties with the church. Jarvis Street Baptist Church is a beautiful old church and Nathan was particularly impressed with the pipe organ in the sanctuary.

front of Jarvis Street Baptist Church

back of Jarvis Street Baptist Church
Sanctuary with pipe organs

There are two classrooms and the school library in the back of the church and two classrooms and offices in the main TBS building. After visiting the school we jumped back onto the subway and headed south to Union Station and the CN Tower.

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