Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday thoughts - "Homeward Bound"

I recently finished reading the book "Homeward Bound: Building an attractive Christ-centered family on eternal principles" by Edward A. Hartman. He challenges parents to live and raise their children with an eternal perspective since earth isn't our true home.

One quote that struck me was: "Trust[ing] God implicitly, and [being] absolutely confident in who he is and what he has promised...doesn't come naturally, neither in our own spiritual development, nor in the spiritual development of the children in our homes. What comes naturally is steady regression and decline. It's been said that to our forefathers our faith was an experience; to our fathers our faith was an inheritance; to us our faith is a convenience; and to our children, our faith is a nuisance. This will be the natural regression if we are not diligently working toward building the spiritual walls around our homes, encouraging a confidence in God within the lives of our children, and in so doing, preparing them to die well in the end." p. 141 (emphasis added)

My challenge then is for my faith to be an experience and not a convenience and then teach and train my children in who God is and what he has done so they too can have a relationship with the Saviour - and never let faith be just a convenience or a nuisance. Praise be to God that the Holy Spirit works in people (in me) to do his will - not I, but God alone can accomplish this!

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