Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Note - "The Story that Brought Me Here"

I just finished reading the book The Story that Brought Me Here: To Alberta From Everywhere edited by Linda Goyette and really enjoyed reading how people from around the world have built a new life in Alberta and what that looks like. Thirty-seven different writers (including Edson's own Marsh Hoke) share essays or poems expressing their thoughts and feelings about leaving their homeland and moving to a new country. Reading the book was particularly poignant for me after moving from Alberta to Ontario and identifying with the sense of displacement expressed by many of the writers. I highly recommend reading this book! It is a wonderful insight to how new people feel when they move to a new country and struggle with fitting in. Toronto is very multicultural with fifty percent of people living in Toronto born outside of Canada and now I have a little more insight into what it means to be an immigrant. Don't forget to check your library - that's where I found my copy!

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