Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

I've been wanting to share about our fun Easter egg dying this year but just didn't have time while packing and getting ready to leave on our road trip. Now I have lots of time :)

Friends from church who grew up in Romania came over on Good Friday and we drew on and dyed hard boiled eggs. Mihaela picked up dye and egg sleeves from a Russian grocery store and we had fun colouring the eggs bright colours.

The highlight for the adults was making onion skin dye. I boiled dried onion skins the night before for 20 minutes and let cool overnight. The next day I removed the skins and then we took raw eggs, placed wet pieces of parsley, grass, and small leaves on them, and wrapped them in old nylons. 

We then boiled the eggs in the onion water for 20 minutes and when we removed the nylons they were a beautiful brown red colour with lovely patterns on them!

By then the kids weren't helping anymore but Mihaela and I had fun. Mihaela had dyed some eggs with tumeric the day before and they were a beautiful yellow colour. Next year we might try some more ideas (red onion skins, beets, etc)! Lastly, we put on the egg sleeves and shrunk them on the eggs by placing for a few seconds in boiling water.

We ate up all our hard boiled eggs and I didn't even get chance to try the recipe Mihaela suggested – in a casserole dish layer cooked, sliced potatoes, then sliced eggs, then sausage, ham or bacon (optional), then sour cream and salt and pepper, and repeat - I'll save the idea for next year!

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