Sunday, May 8, 2011

Noelle's Birthday Tea Party

Even though Noelle's birthday is in May she wanted to have a party with her friends in Toronto so on Easter Monday we celebrated with a Tea Party. We made tea cup invitations with a template I found online. Three girlfriends came over dressed in their party dresses and they each got a “pearl” necklace and bracelet (from the dollar store) to take home with them along with their treasure boxes and pink popcorn balls. After decorating treasure boxes (also from the the dollar store) with glitter glue and embellishments and playing some party games Noelle opened her presents. One of the gifts was a play-do ice cream set and the girls (and Jeremy) had fun playing with it. Before we had tea, I taught the girls how to hold a tea cup, where to put their napkin, and to only take a few pieces of food from each tray. I served weak ice tea in the teapot and then everyone had fun adding sugar and stirring it in! There was also small cookies, crackers, fruit and grilled cheese sandwiches cut out as stars and hearts (this idea thanks to the movie Eloise we watched a few weeks ago!) Noelle really only likes ice cream cake so I made an Skor ice cream cake, coloured the ice cream with pink food colouring and placed a tea cup on top filled with roses (from Daniel for my birthday! - the timing was perfect). What a lovely afternoon with some very sweet girls!


  1. What a doll. Looks like she had a good time. And naturally, a creative mama to help things along. Laurie, I've often thought, parenting is likely the most important thing we will ever do in our lifetimes. Looks like you are doing it well.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Coleen in Ukraine