Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 2: St. Cloud, MN

No pictures from today - all we did was drive. Today was our longest drive yet - 8.5 of driving time plus a total of 2 hours of stop time (bathroom breaks, gas and icecream!) We are almost halfway to Toronto though and four more days to go so the hardest part is behind us.

We did listen to the entire audio recording of Dr. Doolittle and really enjoyed it. Jeremy had a little trouble staying focused but he's getting better at listening! The other highlight of today was the Color Wonder books the kids received in their "Day 2 bag". Color Wonder is great - the markers won't get on any else and the kids can colour away in different colours. We had a fun supper at Dickey's Barbeque Pit and then a swim at the hotel pool after. The kids had a lot of stored up energy so it was good for them to use it up in the pool rather than wrestling on the hotel bed.

Tomorrow we're off to church in Minneapolis and then on to Madison, WI. Here's a map of our trip to help you visualize it!

View August 2011 Trip in a larger map


  1. I was wondering how far you'd get today. Are you going to Bethlehem Baptist in the morning? I'm glad you are keeping this up each evening - nice to know where you are so we can pray for you as you travel.


  2. Thank you for your prayers! We are planning to go to the north campus of Bethlehem Baptist tomorrow. Last year we went more into the city to the main church building. The northern campus is closer though for us and I hope that maybe it will be smaller too.

  3. Wow; good for you guys to go that distance yesterday!! Keep the updates coming :)