Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 3: Madison, WI

Today was a little slower day. We drove one hour to Minneapolis to attend Bethlehem Baptist Church at their North Campus and really enjoyed the music and message there. We thought it might be a smaller church than the main downtown congregation but it really wasn't! We also had a chance to check out their bookstore and found a few new books for homeschooling and Daniel's reference collection (great reasons to buy books :)

Here are some pictures from a small train museum at Long Lake Park near the church:
 "Waiting" for a train

 Checking out the caboose

Can you imagine getting your hair permed this way??!

We had lunch at the park, checked out the museum and then headed to Madison, Wisconsin. We enjoyed supper at Buffalo Phil's again and made it to our hotel by 8 pm. We had a short swim and got the kids to bed. It's been long days for the kids but Jeremy has napped in the van the last two days which was good for all of us! 

Tomorrow is the ferry crossing across Lake Michigan which the kids are quite excited about and Daniel is looking forward to not driving through Chicago! 

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  1. Hi Guys

    Good to hear your of progress. It looks like Jeremy is not happy 'waiting' for train. LOL
    We'll be expecting your next post tomorrow.

    Love Dad and Mom