Friday, October 1, 2010

Scrapbooking Room

Thanks to Luella's help I have my scrapbook space organized! Daniel found a desk for me when we first moved and were looking at a used hotel furniture store. It is a two desk combo - the shorter piece is on wheels and slides out from under the top desk. This way I have a big work surface but can clean it up and push the desk back in when I'm not working.

Daniel also put two shelves above the desk and we are going to add one more. My albums are stored on the top closet shelf. Since we are living in a duplex with only three bedrooms, space is at a premium. That means my scrapbook space and Daniel's "office" is in our bedroom.

I know my space seems way bigger than Daniel's but in my defense, there are four bookshelves in Nathan's room (we tease him that he sleeps in the library!) and one and a half bookshelves are already filled with Daniel's books and  I know he will be adding more books over the years. :)

Thank you Luella for your organizing ideas! Now, I'm off to scrapbook, well, not really but I plan to start this weekend!


  1. I was going to say that it looks bigger than it is and then you showed the whole bedroom! Looking good.

    I'll do a page if you'll do a page...

  2. Looks great! Hope you're able to get some scrapbooking done soon!

  3. Just goes to show what we can do in a small organized space. Thanks for sharing. I'm following here now, Laurie, hope you'll follow on mine too.
    Coleen, an American viewing life from Ukraine