Thursday, August 26, 2010


We made it to our new home by noon on Wednesday! The movers did a great job and we were actually able to walk around because they had stacked the boxes so well. This did make it a little difficult to find certain boxes though - such as the ones with pillows and bedding! The kids had fun checking out our place and I am so thankful for a backyard with green grass for them to run on!  I just kept tackling box and after box and I am slowly making a dent. Daniel got Nathan's bed built (the movers didn't do that one!) and the playhouse built for the kids in the backyard. We have just spent two hours this afternoon at the public library which is a 4 block walk away and has free library membership! Until Monday it is also our only access to the Internet! The kids have picked out a bunch of books and a few movies (not that we have our TV set up yet :)

It's great to hear from everyone that writes comments! More later - my time expires in 3 minutes!


  1. Hi Laurie,
    Glad to hear you arrived safely, and you're beginning to settle in. Wow, a library so close is great. We now have CCI as our internet provider(hooked up on Tuesday) Our new email address is:

    Wish I could help with the unpacking, but I can pray that it all goes well for you. Love Mom

  2. Welcome Home Laurie! That is great news about the library, we have gone a lot more this summer. It sure makes night time reading a lot more fun for me, reading new books to the kids.

    Dean flies out to Boston on Sunday, so you did beat him to the east side of the country.

    I have the kids backpacks with all their new school supplies labelled and ready to go. They are actually getting excited now about going to school, it's great!

    Look forward to hearing more updates.


  3. Hurray..home at last! Thank heavens for libraries with internet, we were so happy to see your update. Do pray that the unpacking doesn't totally wear you and Daniel out. I'm sure the kids are happy to see their "stuff" and get settled in. Who knows what other neat things you may discover within your neighborhood.
    Grandma and I are headed to Edmonton tomorrow for a quick over-nighter. I need a hair cut and we want to see how Allison &Jon's backyard is coming. Also a little early happy birthday wish for Julia.
    Have delivered the first of the memory books. Collen just called to say how great it was. So glad they have arrived safely.
    Shall comment again after the weekend. (Would have loved to make a quick trip to see your new place and help you unpack but the Journey just doesn't have wings!) Love to you all. Mom & Dad J

  4. Awesome news! Glad the movers left you some space to move around! And wonderful news about the closeness of the library - even better that it's free membership.

    We finally enjoyed a second day of heat, we made it to 3 parks today! Julia was visiting and we went with our neighbour friends. The third park was a spray park, which was much needed for the kids to cool down. We're getting quite a windstorm now - always watching the sky :) !

    Waiting to hear more when you get 'connected' at home!
    Love & Hugs, Allison

  5. Hi Laurie! Dad told me that you had started a blog to let everyone know how things are going out east. I have been following along for the past few days and finally figured out today how to comment. I'm so glad to hear everything is going good. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Say Hi to everyone for me!
    Love Kayla

  6. Excellent news! I hope you continue to settle in well. Miss you! xox

  7. Hi Daniel and Laurie
    Listened to Daniel's message last night. Very interesting. Will be waiting for more news. Our email address has now changed. We have two: for the laptop and for the desktop. Can you still access your old email? I think I left a message on there after you left.
    Love Dad

  8. Hi Laurie and family. Glad to hear that crossing the border and all your travels went well. It is like winter here now. I can't believe how cold it is already. I picked apples from Carolyns tree and made applesause. I also picked my sasktoons. I wouldn't let the neighborhood pick my apples, cuz I only have 6 and I ate one, so now there is only 5. HAHAHAHA. We miss you guys in the neighborhood. Let us know when you get a phone because there is a little boy in our house that wants to talk to his best friend. Love, Gail, Jim and Dakota

  9. Great to hear about your travels and settling in. Hope it continues to be a great adventure and good luck to Daniel as he starts school.