Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Coal Mining" - Interactive Scrapbook layout

I wanted to scrapbook Daniel's year at the coal mine but I didn't know which pictures were most important to Daniel. So, I asked him to go through them and take out the unimportant ones. Well, after he removed two pictures there were still 14 left! I didn't want to scrapbook four pages but each picture reminded Daniel about different aspects of the job! So I pulled out my brand new Magic book, compiled three different interactive elements into one layout and had a great time learning new techniques! So how did I get 14 (basically) 4x6 pictures into one layout?

 First, by following the instructions in Magic I added a sliding picture element to turn a space for two 4x6 pictures into holding three 4 x 6 pictures! (See the picture above and below to see that as the button slides up and down a picture is alternately hidden and revealed).

 Second, with another technique in Magic I created a nine picture mini-album. It was actually quite easy to make and with no special supplies other than cardstock and adhesive!

 Thirdly, I added hidden journaling so that layout would have more white space on the page and have a cleaner feel. By using three hinges I was able to have a flip down title. I also tucked a coal mine brochure into a top pocket so we can pull it out and read it whenever we want.
The last part of the project was putting it in my page protectors! By using the tips in Magic I punched little holes on the ends of the slits I wanted to cut and cut slits with a craft knife. With the nine picture mini-book I actually cut an entire rectangle out of the page protector. Then when I slid my page in, I could pull the interactive elements through to the outside of the page.

I had fun planning and putting this page together. I'm looking forward to playing with more of the interactive ideas that are in Magic on future layouts!


  1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun, although I don't plan to put this many pictures on one page very often :)