Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 1: Kalamazoo, MI

After a day of driving through rain and a great visit with friends in Windsor, ON we stayed the night in Kalamazoo with Daniel's sister's parents-in-law. They are a wonderful pastoral couple whom we enjoy visiting. Noelle and Jeremy had some trouble adjusting to the idea that we were driving for “hours” - within the first hour we had heard, “I'm bored” and “When will we be there?” By the end of the day though (7 hours total) they had settled in more. We started listening to “The Secret Garden”, they played with small toys, looked at books and looked out the window. I had planned daily bags again with new (thrift store) books and small treats for every day so they were excited to open their bags for day 1.  A good start to our trip!

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