Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 5: Swift Current, SK

A rainy day of driving today! On our 6 1/2 hour drive we had an uneventful border crossing, we turned our watches back one hour for the last time and we stopped in Moose Jaw for a tour of the tunnels!

 If you haven't heard that Moose Jaw was once known as "Little Chicago" because of it's connections to Al Capone and the illegal activity that went on in Moose Jaw in the 20s check out the "Chicago Connection" tour the next time you are heading through Moose Jaw! (I know it doesn't happen often but Moose Jaw is a great place to stop in and sightsee.) There is also a tour called "Passage to Fortune" about Chinese immigrants and how they used the tunnels. This tour is now on our "to do next time" list :)

We couldn't take any pictures on our tour but we learned a lot about Al Capone! Although trying to explain it all to Jeremy became a little difficult. We got right into it - Nathan became an assistant "goon" and Daniel got to play cards with the head "goon" during the interactive drama.

Also, I forgot to post this picture yesterday and mention that after supper we went swimming at our hotel pool that had 3 big waterslides! Daniel had found the hotel and booked it before we left – and while after the Kalahari resort it seemed small it was a fun way to spend an hour burning off excess energy. It might not look like it from the picture, but the slides were wild! We aren't sure who designed them but all three were fast and sent us flipping up the sides. The slides at the Kalahari did feel a little safer than these three!

Tomorrow we enter Alberta and will at our "summer home" by supper time!

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