Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 3: St. Cloud, MN

We had a great day! We splashed and slid at the waterpark for almost 4 hours before driving another 4 1/2 hours to St. Cloud for the night. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Kalahari Resort – we were blessed to be able to take advantage of their “Choose Your Own Adventure” deal (offered on only certain weekdays) where we got a free room upgrade to a “Royal Suite” - two queen beds, 1 king bed, 2 bathrooms, three Tvs – supper coupon for $40, and free breakfast for 4! 
This is a view of the "living room" between the two bedrooms.

We were truly spoiled. God continues to bless us abundantly on our trip.

The kids were pretty played out by the time we were driving again – Jeremy fell asleep and had a nap while we drove. Later, when we stopped at a rest stop, Nathan said he couldn't run – his legs were too tired. We did climb a lot of stairs! 

There were three great tube rides that we could all go on in groups of 2 or 3 – including one that was like a roller coaster. Daniel and Nathan almost chickened out when they braved the new "Sahara Sidewinders." They had to stand in a glass box and on the count of three the bottom was opened and down they went! They decided that they didn't need to go again though :)  
Sahara Sidewinders

Daniel and I both enjoyed the “toliet bowl” slide which we've never tried before. There was also a great lazy river that we went on a few times as a family on tubes. A another plus - all the rides were open but there were no line-ups! It was great to go off-season.

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