Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Albion Orchards

 I hadn't explored north of Toronto yet so on the first Monday afternoon that Mom and Dad were visiting we took a drive north to Albion Orchards. when Even though we were too late to pick our own apples, we had a great time exploring the orchard, the gift shop and we did get to pick our own pumpkin! We came home with a few bags full of huge apples (they were the largest apples I've ever eaten), a jug of delicious apple cider, homemade butter tarts, and a pumpkin. The kids had a blast climbing on the bales provided for them, running down the hill, hiding in the trees and checking out the pumpkins. Mom and I decided that we had never seen a 'pumpkin patch' before. We often grew pumpkins in the garden growing up but we had never seen a true pumpkin patch. The vines were all gone but the sight of all the bright orange pumpkins was beautiful. The last of our visit to the orchard is still in my freezer - yummy applesauce made from a bag of 'seconds' that doesn't need any sugar.

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