Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scrapbook layout - What a fun day!

This is a digital layout from Studio J using "Tinkerin'" paper. I made three title boxes (I deleted the original title box which you can't edit and added new ones) -  and typed in two of them and added Stickease letters for the word "fun". I find it amazing how 3-D the ribbon can look; sometimes I add real ribbon or other embellishments to the pages after I get them but this one is completely digital.

The pictures are from August 2009 - I am finishing 2008 with classic scrapbooking but most of 2009 will be digital. I am hoping it will help me catch up as well as take advantage of the year membership I purchased (it gives me a deal on the layout price and shipping)!

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  1. I recognize that day!! Great memories... and the arrival of the electronic drums. That rock did look awesome on the house. So nice to see the pictures of the zoo on the other blog spot. A great resource for your home schooling. Hugs and kisses to everybody. Mom J.