Friday, November 5, 2010

The Toronto Zoo

Petting a Stingray! Noelle was able to pet a few but Jeremy refused.
 The shark was more elusive but I did get a chance to run my fingers along his back.
 Jeremy loved digging for dinosaurs in the kids' sand pit! There are actually replicas of dinosaur fossils for the kids to find.

 Check out that dimple!
We visited the Toronto Zoo back in September and I just haven't gotten around to writing about it yet! We went as a whole family with Luella the second weekend of September when she visited and then the kids and I visited it again at the end of September. The second time we went to check out the Stingray and Shark exhibit (which was closing October 11) that we didn't have time to see the first time. (We bought a family membership the first time because it is such a better deal).

The Toronto Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the world and we were really impressed with it. The first time we explored most of the zoo but not all of it! One exciting moment was when a cheetah that the kids were watching from behind glass lunged at the glass repeatedly! It seemed like it was trying to attack them.

The second time the kids and I took our time and visited the Sharks and Stingray exhibit, the Kids Zoo, the Canadian Domain and rode the Zoomobile. The Zoomobile let us see the outside animals from a different angle and we didn't have to walk as far!

There are still a few more places left for us to explore another time though! I hope to visit at least one or two more times in the coming year. Next time we will take with us our "Complete Zoo Adventure" book that I ordered to use for our schooling this year. It looks like an exciting book that contains activities, facts about animals and Scripture to help teach about God's amazing creation.

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