Sunday, May 26, 2013

By the Sea

Nova Scotia
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – I estimated one and a half hours would be plenty and then we would have lunch – three and a half hours later we left because we were hungry! There was much to learn and see at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. From a history of piracy to the Ship Building Age to the Halifax Explosion to Arctic Expeditions to a Titanic exhibition to Underwater Treasures we read, watched, and learned.

Peggy’s Cove – We could see why Peggy’s Cove is the most photographed place in Nova Scotia. Even on a rainy day it’s rugged beauty and the action of the waves was compelling. We didn’t spend long outside – it as quite chilly as you can see from our coats and hoods! We were all wearing multiple layers. But we did enjoy hearing the waves crashing, watching a fishing boat come into the cove and seeing the brightly coloured homes. We explored the gift shop and enjoyed supper at The Sou’wester Restaurant  - most of us enjoyed a seafood dish and Jeremy had his standard hotdog (sigh).

'Only' 5146 km away from my Mom's farm in Alberta!

Pier 21 – It was a foggy day  - we couldn’t see far from Pier 21, not even across the harbour! Pier 21 in Halifax is where approximately one million immigrants arrived in Canada from the years 1928 to 1971, including Daniel’s Grandma Jefferies. Noelle and Jeremy stamped “passports” at each stage along the way in the small museum, we watched an excellent half hour movie on the history of Pier 21 and learned about some of the tears and joys of this piece our Canadian history.

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