Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New York!

Thanks to Daniel, we were spontaneous on Sunday (which if you know me very well, doesn’t happen often!) and changed our plans in the morning and drove from Vernon, CT to New York, NY to go to church and see the Statue of Liberty! 

We attended the west campus of Redeemer Presbyterian Church which is Tim Keller's ministry. We enjoyed worshipping with them and appreciated the beautiful music and sermon by Rev. David Bisgrove.

Parking was a new experience for us - parking garages with valets and elevators! And expensive  - we parked across from the church (the parking garage with an elevator) and because we were extra-long with our rear car carrier on the back of the van it was an extra $10, so $35 total! Then to the harbour where the valets parked vehicles three deep - again we were considered extra long so it was $45 for two hours this time!

We were just going to take pictures from the shore line but a harbour cruise ticket agent sold us on a cruise so we bought our tickets and boarded an hour long harbour cruise! The boat was packed because it was Memorial weekend but it was a great way to see New York and learn some history through the onboard audio recording.

One World Trade Center - almost finished

Empire State Building

The Statue of Liberty

If you have been wondering where we are in the United States here is a map that shows our route on Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26. Now to head west into Pennsylvania!

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