Monday, May 27, 2013

Water, water, everywhere

St. Andrews, NB
After leaving Pier 21 on Thursday, we drove to St. Andrews, NB on the Bay of Fundy and it was still foggy and rainy! We drove out of it a couple of times but it always reappeared. We are not used to fog that lasts all day. Otherwise it was a good drive. We started our next book in the Chronicles of Narnia and also started listening to the stories of Stuart McLean’s “Vinyl Café” with Dave and Morley. Nathan said his cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Growing up we often listened to McLean’s stories on CBC Sunday afternoons and when I saw these CDs at Costco at Christmas I immediately thought of Dad.

Fundy Discovery Aquarium  - The kids had never been to an aquarium before and they were thrilled with the “touch pools” and seeing the seals being fed. Highlights of our time there included: holding crabs and stroking skates, asking questions of the marine biologist feeding the seals, and watching short movies on plankton, cold water reefs, seaweed and the Bay of Fundy’s high tides.

Since it poured ALL day and we weren’t able to play on the neat playground, walk the wharf, go to the beach, or take a boat tour we had a quiet afternoon. Daniel took the kids to the library while Mom and I napped and then Mom and I took our laptops to a café and enjoyed a coffee and checking our email and the kids watched TV at the motel. The internet connection didn't work well at our motel so checking email has been spotty.

Watching the seals being fed (in the rain)

Having a "picnic" lunch in our motel room! Actually we have only managed one true picnic lunch so far and even that was cold and windy!

Next day – cross the border and start our trip west! 

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