Friday, May 24, 2013

Confederation Bridge

Twelve minutes to cross from New Brunswick to PEI now – fast compared to the ferry crossing but a long way on a bridge! It is an intriguing bridge and we enjoyed learning some of its story through a video on the PEI side. We also enjoyed walking on the beach at low tide on the NB side on our way to Nova Scotia.

A beautiful day with blue skies as we crossed from NB to PEI

Collecting shells at low tide

Our gray days begin as we left PEI and headed to Nova Scotia. 

The kids have been great on our longer drives! They look forward to their “day bags” – bags I’ve filled with two to four items (i.e books, activities and goodies) for each long drive. They also each have a scrapbook to glue in maps, pamphlets and other memorabilia from our travels that we work on every few days. Noelle has also enjoyed learning how to make friendship bracelets with Grandma. I have had the 19 CD set of Chronicles of Narnia audio drama from Focus on the Family tucked away for a few years until all the kids were old enough to listen to it. I pulled it out on our drive to Quebec City and it has been a hit! Jeremy especially loves listening to it as the stories are new to him and he asks for it everytime we are in the van! We have finished the first two books of the series so far.

Next stop - Halifax!

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