Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lobster, Cows and the Beach

That pretty well sums up our time in PEI! We enjoyed two delicious lobster suppers (a treat for us landlubbers!), visited three Cows Icecream locations and learned about how they make their t-shirts, icecream and cheese on a factory tour and spent time on the beaches of PEI playing in the sand and collecting seashells. It hasn't been very warm on our trip so far - we haven't worn sandals or shorts once but despite the cool weather the kids managed to get very sandy and a little wet during our time on the Island.

Daniel and Kevin at the Fisherman's Wharf about to enjoy a Lobster Dinner! Kevin and Marsha, friends from Edson were at their cottage this week in PEI and we enjoyed meeting up with them.

Cows Icecream is a local PEI business but if you are in Banff you can enjoy their icecream too!


Enjoying Brackley Beach, which we could walk to from our cottage!

Another highlight was visiting the Anne of Green Gables house  - Noelle even bought an Anne doll with her birthday money.

Noelle as Anne

In front of Green Gables

Noelle and her new Anne doll

Last, here is a picture of our cottage - we stayed at Shaw's Hotel and Cottages (which we would highly recommend) and a picture of us holding red soil - with fields freshly plowed and some planted it was very striking. 

Now onto Nova Scotia for two days!

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