Thursday, August 12, 2010

Close to Home

Welcome to my blog! We are in the process of moving to Toronto and I thought I would start a blog to help stay in touch with my family and friends in Western Canada. The name "Close to Home" was suggested by a dear friend and I identified with it because even though we are moving, we are always connected through family, friends and memories to our many homes. My homes now include my childhood home on my parent's farm in Vauxhall, Daniel's parent's farm in Olds, our (past) home in Edson, our church home of Edson Baptist Church, our new home in Toronto and above all, my heavenly home that I am looking forward to.

My goal with this blog is to share some of our adventures in the big city as well posting some of the scrapbook pages and projects which I hope will inspire you. I would love for you to post comments so I can stay connected with our friends and family back "home"!

We are heading to Calaway Park on Saturday and then to Daniel's parent's farm for a week. We are leaving for our road trip to Toronto next Thursday. Let the adventure begin!

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