Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1 - Moose Jaw, SK

We made it to Moose Jaw! We didn't arrive until 6:45 pm but overall it was a good day. We left Daniel's parents in Olds by 9 am and stopped for lunch at Brooks. We were able to meet my parents and my sister Janine and her daughter Kaytrianna for a picnic lunch  at the Visitor Info Centre (which turns out to have quite a neat little museum). It then took the rest of the afternoon to get to Moose Jaw with just a stop in Swift Current at the Husky! Overall, the kids were pretty good although they were a little restless at times! Thank you to both of our families for the little gifts/goodies they gave us to dole out to the kids (and Daniel and I) day by day to make the trip exciting and help keep them busy each day!

When we arrived in Moose Jaw we headed for supper at the Bonanza Restaurant. I haven't been to Bonanza in years! There used to be one in Lethbridge that we always went to. I love the salad bar there and the kids liked getting icecream from the icecream machine. After checking in we went swimming - the kids were basically vibrating with energy but I think they burned a lot of it off swimming! I don't think they've ever gone swimming at 8:30 pm before! We must be on holidays :)

Tomorrow is off to the Transportation Museum in Moose Jaw in the morning before heading to the border crossing and into the States!


  1. Glad to hear Day 1 went well. Praying the border crossing went smoothly. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Thanks Kathryn! I'm going to work on another one right now :)