Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 6 - London, ON, Canada

We made it back to Canada - back to expensive restaurants and hotels, slower speed limits, higher gas prices and Treehouse! The kids had fun watching Treehouse tonight and I didn't need to worry about what they were watching :) It is comforting to be back in Canada though - kilometres not miles, Celsius not Fahrenheit, Canadian money, our healthcare system (it's strange to see billboards advertising hospitals!)

Nathan and Noelle decided yesterday that they were glad we didn't fly - this was way better! By driving, they got to stay in a hotel and swim 5 out of 6 days, eat out at a restaurant every night and get special goodies every morning (I had bags labeled "Day 1", "Day 2", etc). Thank you to both of our families who added to my bags (and even gave some surprise goodies for Daniel and I!). It has been a good holiday for us as a family.

We had a late start this morning. After sleeping in until 9 am we didn't leave our hotel until almost 11 am (we still haven't adjusted to the Eastern Time change)! Breakfast was served until 10 though and it was another hot breakfast!

We enjoyed our hour and a half finding books at the new & used Christian bookstore in Grand Rapids, called "Baker Book House". We all found some books and Daniel now has most of his books for school. After finding a grocery store close by we ate our lunch as we drove and arrived in London, ON around 6 pm. Daniel has done a great job driving - it is wonderful to have a husband that enjoys driving since I'd much rather be the passenger. Having the GPS (which we bought when at my parents) means that most of the time the navigating isn't up to me! I am just another set of eyes!

The border crossing went well and it turns out that even though you can't bring meat, dairy, fruit or vegetables into the States, you can take them out with you! I guess that's because we import most of them anyways :)

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We went for supper at Tony Roma's - the last night on the road and then went swimming. All three kids are like little fish and their swimming is getting better all the time. Noelle asked if as soon as we got to our house tomorrow we could go swimming! I think the end of the holiday will be a shock to all of us :)

It is "only" 167 km to our address in Toronto so we plan to be there by noon and start tackling the boxes. Daniel signed up for a phone tonight so we should have a working phone by Monday (which means no Internet at home until Monday so I think we will be finding the nearest library quite quickly!) I'll be posting sporadically now but will continue to share our adventures in Toronto as well as share scrapbook pages and ideas of mine!


  1. Yay, you're on the home stretch! Praying tomorrow goes well, driving and unpacking. Looking forward to hearing how the setting up of your new house goes.

  2. Don't know when you will read this but we're thrilled you are almost to your new home!! The kids may miss swimming but I'm sure they will enjoy having a back yard to poke around in. Good luck unpacking and arranging. Thanks again for the updates...has made the journey so interesting for all of us. Love, Mom & Dad

  3. Hi Laurie,
    Travis and I have been reading your posts the whole time but I just realized now that we can comment! It sounds like you have been having a great trip and I can't believe you are almost at your new home. Hope that today goes really well and that God give yous excitement and energy as you begin unpacking! Love you lots and give the kids an extra squeeze for us.

  4. Hi Daniel and Laurie
    Glad to see that you're back in Canada and probably in your new place by now (Wednesday evening). You'll should have fun poking around the neighbourhood and exploring. You'll probably have to find the school for Nathan and Noelle. Waiting for your next post with bated breath LOL.
    Love Dad