Thursday, August 19, 2010

RCMP Dog Show

The RCMP Dog Show in Innisfail is free and a great opportunity to see police dogs in action! The 1 hour show runs every Wednesday from 2-3 pm all summer and we went today with Daniel's family. It was really interesting to learn how they train police dogs and to see how a dog takes down "the bad guy". The kids enjoyed seeing the puppies at the end. They were so cute!

We are heading out tomorrow for our 6 day trip to Toronto! Tomorrow night we are in Moose Jaw, SK and then we cross the border. We thought we'd spend Friday night in Minot, ND but just found out when we went to book a hotel that the "Outlaw Racing Tournament" is on this weekend and there are no hotel rooms to be found! Out come the maps again!


  1. I'm loving your blog!! Great pictures; I never did get a chance to sit down and look through them. Hope the travel is starting off well.
    Love & prayers, Allison

  2. Our first ever comment to a blog!! Hope your first day went well. Good new from here: the books were shipped by UPS today and should arrive by Tuesday, so in plenty of time for Carol. It is tremendously smoky here...looks like a bad fog. Glad you are travelling away from it. More love & prayers. Mom & Dad J.

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog! I'm going to try and post more pictures tonight!

    It's great to hear that the books have shipped Mom! It was /foggy/smoky in southern Sask today too; we were wondering if it was smoke.