Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3 - St. Cloud, MN

After two days in the States, I've learned a few things. Washrooms are called restrooms; Highways like our #2 are called Interstates and the speed limit is 120 km/h, not 110 like in Canada; Dairy Queen is in the States too; they don't have a station like Treehouse! This last one has impacted our lives the most. In fact, at 9:30 pm at night we can not find any children's programming on TV (I know, I know, maybe they shouldn't be watching TV at 9:30 pm. In fact, the first night we did watch Treehouse in Moose Jaw, Nathan wondered why they even had it on that late at night because which children would be watching it?!) Anyways, we'll keep checking each State as we go along but last night it was the Food Network and tonight it was baseball!

We made it to Jamestown this morning and enjoyed the National Buffalo Museum. Daniel and I would have enjoyed it even more if we could have taken the time to read more of the exhibits but the kids are always impatient to see the next thing! It was interesting to learn about the albino buffalo - a rare occurrence but there are now three in the Jamestown herd! I think I got one on camera - it was from a distance so I won't know until I can upload it and zoom in! There is also a frontier town beside it and we had the chance to ride in a Stagecoach - by far the bumpiest ride I've ever had! We are even more appreciative of our van now! We also learned Louis L'amour was born in Jamestown and I took a picture of his house for my Dad!

We picked up lunch fixings at the Wal-Mart and ate as we started driving to St. Cloud, MN. It was a good trip but the last hour is always the longest - no matter how many hours we drive! We arrived in St. Cloud around 5:00 pm and stopped at the Crossroads Center Mall. Daniel and I both found new runners but Daniel is still looking for new "woolly socks". I don't know if they are just going out of style or maybe we need to look in more rural towns :)

Supper at the mall, check in to our hotel and then a swim at the pool. The kids were thrilled to see the waterslide and had a great time. The only thing with a  waterslide though I've learned is that there are a lot more people swimming and it is much nosier! Not a "calm them down to sleep" kind of swim at all! Tomorrow night we are booked into a hotel in  Madison with just a pool and a hot continental breakfast buffet (we're looking forward to that :)

We've been able to travel far enough each day to go to church at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis tomorrow (it is John Piper's church - he is a pastor who was written many books including "Desiring God"). John Piper is on holidays but we are looking forward to going to his church anyways. Then it will be onto Madison, 5 hours away!


  1. Hi Laurie and Daniel
    Sure enjoy the daily blog. How has the weather been? I presume from lack of comment that it has been fairly good.

  2. The weather has been hot! We've never actually seen a temperature but we're estimating 30 C or higher the last three days!