Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 5 - Grandville, MI

Today started out as the hardest day yet. Everyone was tired and a little cranky waking up. We did have an amazing continental breakfast at the Best Western (eggs, sausages, hashbrowns, waffles) but once driving the crankiness started again. We entered a toll road in Wisconsin and missed paying the first toll. However, after stopping at an "oasis" rest stop and checking in the with toll road customer service, getting a map getting a Starbucks Frappuccino and eating some gummies we all did much better.

It was interesting paying to drive on a toll road - a first for us! We ended up paying five different times today and will have some toll roads tomorrow as well. Most of them were $0.80 or a $1.00 but one in Chicago was $3.00!

It was interesting today to drive through 4 states - Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan! I showed Nathan on the map so he could get a sense of where we were driving.

If you click the "-" button and zoom out on this map, you'll be able to see where we drove today! (Thanks for the idea Allison!)

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Driving through Chicago was somewhat hairy. We went through just after noon so the traffic wasn't too bad - meaning there was lots of it but it kept moving! Daniel wondered if rush hour would almost be better - at least then we wouldn't be going so fast and we'd have more time to figure out which exit we'd want and which lane we should be in! The kids enjoyed looking out the window though because there was lots to see.

We finally stopped for lunch at 2 pm at a Bass Pro Shop at Portage, Indiana. It's funny - we haven't had a chance to check out the Bass Pro Shop near Calgary but visit one on our way to Toronto! The kids enjoyed seeing all the animals and it gave us a chance to stretch our legs and Daniel to unwind. We ended up eating while we drove again and made it to Grandville by 5 pm - which was actually 6 pm because of the time change. Just when we thought we'd get in earlier it's still late! We went for a swim right away and then had supper at 8pm, but it only felt like 7 pm :) We solved the TV problem with the kids watching Curious George videos on the laptop! They finally fell asleep at 11 pm EST  - Noelle and Jeremy had napped the last hour of driving which made for happy kids but not ones that wanted to go to bed. Sigh, oh well, only one more night!

Granville, Jenison, and Grand Rapids are where Daniel's brother-in-law Russ has family that we know but since we've really only been planning a day ahead we haven't contacted them! Next time we'll have to plan before we leave and not spend time each night planning. At least, we shouldn't be moving at the same time!

Tomorrow, we are going to stop in Grand Rapids at two different bookstores recommended to me by Juanita that will have theology books for Daniel for school. They will also have other books, including used so the kids are excited about being able to pick out some books for themselves. I am hoping for a quiet hour or two after we leave the bookstores! We are heading to London after that, about 5 hours so we only have a 2 hour drive on Wednesday to our new home. It will be good to get there and start the unpacking process. It still seems a little unreal though to think that will be our "home".


  1. Funny about the Bass Pro Shop - Terry just said today as we passed the Calgary one that he'd like to go there sometime!

    We are in Swift Current. Had a good day for our first day and a good visit with some friends here for supper.

    Have a good day tomorrow. Hope you have a great time shopping at the bookstores! We'll maybe check one out on the way home. Josh's books just shipped from Amazon today.

  2. Henry and I look forward to reading your blog each night. Great info! Sandy Faber and I went to the Bass Pro Shop in Calgary on Saturday. She was impressed with entire mall.

    It was good talking with Daniel tonight. Hope your drive goes well tomorrow,with fewer road tolls. Love you all! Love Mom

  3. Hey, thanks for the map! Much better than the one I was trying to plot!

    Praying the kids did better today and that the start of unpacking goes well tomorrow!

  4. Juanita - you were able to travel a long way your first day! That's great! If you get a chance to stop at Baker's on your way home they are having a 30% off all used books from Aug. 30 - Sept 11!

    Mom - I thought of you when we were in the Bass Pro Shop yesterday! I'm glad you enjoyed your day in Calgary. It will be good to have a phone come Monday - I'll let you know our number! We only had to pay one toll today - $3 to cross the "Canada bridge" on the US side between Port Huron and Sarnia.

    Thanks for your prayers Allison! We appreciate them!