Monday, October 11, 2010

An Organized Blog :)

So I've been wondering how I should balance what I post - adventures, scrapbooking etc and I came up with the following:
Tips Tuesday - tips I've learned about classical scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking
Whatever Wednesday - anything that doesn't fall into one of the other categories!
Family Friday - adventures we're having in Toronto and anything else relating to my family
Scrapbook Saturday - layouts that I've made (classical or digital)
Spiritual Sunday - insights from books I'm reading, sermons I've listened to, Bible time with the kids

These titles are a little corny and probably don't matter to much to you but they will help me feel organized (and as you probably know - I love to be organized!) I couldn't think of anything for Monday or Thursday but that's probably okay - I don't know if I will realistically blog 5 days a week anyways!

If there are suggestions you have I would love to hear them! This blog is definitely a work in progress but it has been fun so far to share what is going on in my life. I've also had the thought that I am journaling for my scrapbooks before I've even scrapbooked the pictures! This is great because I don't know when I'll get around to scrapbooking our pictures from this summer but I will at least have some of our experiences and feelings recorded.

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