Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toronto Islands

We enjoyed a beautiful day with Lisa and Travis visiting Toronto Island Park back in the middle of September. Daniel stayed home and did homework all day but the rest of us drove downtown to the lakeshore and took a ferry across to Centre Island. If you are like me and hadn't ever really heard about the Islands before, they are on Lake Ontario just off the northern shoreline.

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The kids were so excited to be taking a "boat".

The islands were beautiful with majestic trees, beautiful grassed areas, a quiet river flowing through, and sandy beaches. We only explored half of one of the islands (there are three in total).

We did get to spend a couple of hours at Centreville Amusement Park though. It is a small park perfectly suited to my kids' ages. Nathan said his favourite ride was the log ride and I think Noelle and Jeremy loved driving the little cars. I once again forgot my camera but Travis had his ....except his battery was dying. We did manage to get 13 pictures!

One really unique feature was "Franklin's Garden". It was very sweet and kids loved running around discovering Franklin and his friends and following Snail's path up the hill.

This post wouldn't be complete though without telling you about the traffic on the way home (we should have taken a picture of that too!) We had 40 minutes to drive to Nathan's music lesson at 4 pm and thought that would be plenty of time to drive there. The GPS estimated 17 minutes. First, we took a short detour downtown (our fault) and then we tried to get onto the Gardiner Expressway to make good time - except all off ramps were closed! We found out later that they had closed sections of the Expressway to work on the bridges that weekend. That meant everyone was on Lake Shore drive and we were all inching our way forward and stopping for all the red lights. We did eventually get to Nathan's lesson but 45 minutes late! I was going to phone his teacher and tell her but I couldn't find my cell phone and Travis' was dead (I know, not our best technological day!) Anyways, it was one more Toronto driving lesson learned! The next day we took the subway downtown.


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    Looks like a great time, and that the kids had a blast!!