Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I'll miss when we leave Toronto

We've only be here a month but already I can see there are some things I will miss when we leave!
1. The Italian bakery 4 blocks away. The kids love the Sicilian icecream (gelato) there!
2. The Italian Vegetable market 4 blocks away. They sell horse meat too but we haven't tried that yet!
Last Saturday I walked down, did my shopping for the day and walked home. What a novelty for me! There is also a meat market and a few convenience stores in the strip mall.
3. The City of Toronto comes and takes our compost once a week and our big recycle bin every two weeks in addition to our garbage (coming from Edson where we had to sort our own recycling and take it down to the depot this is a treat).
4. The beautiful September weather! I'm not sure what winter will be like but so far we are enjoying the balmy days, the flowers that are still blooming, and the beautiful fall colours - red, orange, yellow mixed with the green.

One thing I won't miss though is the traffic!

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